The Best and Worst Flowers for Allergies

field with flowers - dandelion seeds

Looking to send flowers to a friend who you know is a long time allergy sufferer?

Here are some helpful hints for making sure your flower delivery brings joy instead of puffy eyes.


First off: Why do some flowers cause allergies while others do not?

Flowers that cause allergies are not usually the showiest. Big, brightly coloured flowers have evolved with the purpose of attracting bees and other pollinators. Since their pollen is too heavy to float through the air to pollinate female flowers (That’s right! There are male and female flowers), these flowers depend on insects to transport it for them. People who suffer from allergies should be wary of flowers that have more light and dusty pollen that rely on wind for transportation.


Westmount Florist’s Top Picks for Allergy-Friendly Flowers: 

purple hydrangea


The pollen from hydrangeas is very sticky and cannot be blown or shaken from the flowers. They are therefore a fantastic option for allergy-sufferers. If you’re looking for flowers that will add fullness and elegance to any bouquet, these are the ones for you. Their large blooms come in a wide range of colours such as white, green, pink, blue and more. The best part? Hydrangeas are available year round at both of our Westmount Florist locations!

Westmount Florist’s Top Picks for Allergy-Friendly Flowers: 


Contrary to popular belief and despite their strong smell Lillies are actually hypo allergenic! While lilies have large stamens of pollen that grow in their centres, the pollen is heavy and sticky making it unlikely to becomes airborne and cause any irritation to allergy sufferers. You could can also easily remove the pollen from lilies by simply plucking it off by hand. Tip: gloves are recommended when removing pollen from lilies since the pollen can stain hands and clothing. You can see our selection of lilies here.



Roses are another great option for those who are on the hunt for hypoallergenic flowers. Although rose pollen can be airborne, most roses do not trigger hay fever and the denser the petals the less chance you have of exposure to pollen. These low-pollen flowers are long-lasting and come in a ton of gorgeous colours. We have an incredible selection of roses available for delivery in the greater Montreal area. We’re big fans of Esperance roses!

 hot pink carnation


Carnations are close to our hearts here at Westmount Florist. The founder of our family-run-business, George Pickrell, started his florist career with a simple carnation. Not only do these ruffled beauties add texture to any arrangement, they are also extremely low in pollen! Meaning, you can safely enjoy them in a bouquet without fear of itchy eyes or runny nose.

 Orange and yellow tulips


Tulips are a beloved spring bloom that are safe for allergy sufferers to enjoy. Though their unique cupped shape wouldn’t suggest it, they are actually part of the lily family. Like lilies, they produce pollen that clings to a stamen and is therefore not likely to be blown into their air and cause irritation. So when spring rolls around, feel free to go wild over the many varieties and colours available!



Hyacinths scream spring! They come in a variety of gorgeous vibrant colours. Hyacinths have a low level of pollen that makes them hypoallergenic, however they have a strong fragrance so it is not recommended to send them in a delivery unless you know that the recipient is a fragrant flower lover! We carry hyacinths for Easter, Passover and Mother's Day.

  hot pink peonies


Peonies are a definite fan favourite at our flower shop. The great news is, if you’re allergic to pollen, you don’t have to stay away from these beauties! Layers of soft petals trap pollen, making them hypoallergenic. These fragrant blooms come in beautiful colours like blush, cream, white, pinks, and reds. Some of our favourites are Alexander Flemming and Coral Sunset.

 red snapragons in a garden


Snapdragon petals enclose the stamen to trap pollen inside making them a perfect flower for allergy sufferers to enjoy. These beauties come in a variety of colours and are great for adding height and texture to arrangements.

Allergy-friendly Potted plants: 

peach begonias


Begonias are low maintenance free-flowering plants. Not only are they beautiful and easy to care for, they also shed very little pollen, making them a safe bet for anyone with allergies.

coral azalea flowers


Azaleas  are recommended for anyone who is particularly sensitive to blowing pollen since they are completely dependent on insects for pollination. Although azaleas are safe in terms of allergens, all parts of their plant are poisonous to humans. It’s not recommended to sniff them too closely!

bunch of succulents

Cactus and Succulents

Cacti and succulents are great little plants whether they have flowers or not. If you are lucky enough to acquire a flowering cactus or succulent, you can rest assured that it will not cause irritation. Both cacti and succulents rely on insects and birds to help transport their pollen.

 pink geranium


Geraniums give off very little pollen. In fact, a completely pollen-free geranium has been developed by horticultural scientists. Occasionally our team at Westmount Florist will get their hands on some once they are in circulation. One thing to look out for with geraniums is that while they won’t cause sneezing, skin irritation sometimes comes from touching the leaves.

 white orchids on a stem


Orchids are a favourite here at Westmount Florist. They’re a timeless classic that elevate any space and one of our most popular flower delivery choices. Although they are not pollen-free (they have sticky pollen), it’s very unlikely for an orchid’s pollen to become airborne, making them another great choice for customers with allergies. We carry a stunning selection of locally grown orchid plants all year round!

Flowers to Avoid if you Have Allergies:

  1. Aster
  2. Baby's Breath
  3. Dahlia
  4. Daisy
  5. Gerber Daisies
  6. Chrysanthemums
  7. Sunflowers ***There are some pollen-free sunflower varieties, like 'Apricot Twist' and 'Joker,' that are listed as hypoallergenic, because their pollen is too heavy to be windborne.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to order flowers for delivery today or If you want more information about any of the flowers discussed in the article please feel free to give us a call. We love to chat about flowers!

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