Organically sourced orchid from an award-winning local grower.


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If you’re looking for a unique gift that exudes elegance, look no further than the orchid plant.

Tall and delicate, refined and charming, these exotic flowering plants produce gorgeous blooms in a variety of colours. Browse our selection of fresh orchids below or visit one our shops to fully appreciate their beauty in person.

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Westmount Florist, we pride ourselves in offering only the finest selection of orchid plants year round at both our store locations.

Orchids are elegant exotic plants that add unparalleled beauty to any home or office setting. These stunning plants come in a variety of colours and sizes, making them the perfect choice for any space. With the proper care, orchids will continue to bloom for months, providing long-lasting beauty and enjoyment. Our team at Westmount Florist is committed to helping you choose the perfect orchid for your needs and to provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to care for your plant properly.

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