Spread the joys of spring with fresh tulips and bring a touch of Montreal's springtime charm to your doorstep.


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Tulips are a true springtime favourite.

At Westmount Florist, our tulips are grown from bulbs that sprout right here in Canada, in the signature red soil of PEI. They’re then processed and inspected by our flower experts for their plump, healthy stalks and blooms. This meticulous selection ensures that each bouquet we craft not only captures the essence of spring but also embodies the unparalleled beauty and quality that our customers have come to expect.

Let us enhance your home, office or wedding with the natural beauty and freshness of Spring.

Monkland (Pink Tulips)Monkland (Pink Tulips)
Monkland (Pink Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
Wilson (Cut White Tulips)Wilson (Cut White Tulips)
Wilson (Cut White Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
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Girouard (Yellow Tulips)Girouard (Yellow Tulips)
Girouard (Yellow Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
Old Orchard (Orange Tulips)Old Orchard (Orange Tulips)
Old Orchard (Orange Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
Parkview (Cut Purple Tulips)Parkview (Cut Purple Tulips)
Parkview (Cut Purple Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
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Redfern (Red Tulips)Redfern (Red Tulips)
Redfern (Red Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
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Yasmine (Arranged Yellow Tulips)Yasmine (Arranged Yellow Tulips)
Priscilla (Arranged Purple Tulips)Priscilla (Arranged Purple Tulips)
Pippa (Arranged Pink Tulips)Pippa (Arranged Pink Tulips)
Willa (Arranged White Tulips)Willa (Arranged White Tulips)
Oprah (Arranged Orange Tulips)Oprah (Arranged Orange Tulips)