Love and romance

Flowers for the apple of your eye. Warm and fuzzy feelings guaranteed.


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Colourful Designer's Choice
Colourful Designer's Choice Sale priceFrom $150.00
Soft Colours Designer's Choice Vase Arrangement
White and Green Designers Choice Vase Arrangement
Explorer RosesExplorer Roses
Explorer Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00

Let love bloom!

Whether you’re just beginning a new romance or want to let your wife or husband of 25 years know that your heart still beats for them, no gesture could be more romantic than having fresh flowers delivered right to their doorstep.

12 Explorer Roses Arranged12 Explorer Roses Arranged
12 Explorer Roses Arranged Sale price$130.00
24 Explorer Roses Arranged24 Explorer Roses Arranged
24 Explorer Roses Arranged Sale price$230.00
Esperance RosesEsperance Roses
Esperance Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00
12 Esperance Roses Arranged12 Esperance Roses Arranged
12 Esperance Roses Arranged Sale price$130.00
24 Esperance Roses Arranged24 Esperance Roses Arranged
24 Esperance Roses Arranged Sale price$230.00

All it takes is two minutes to let that special someone know you’re thinking of them. They will be thrilled!

Need help choosing the perfect floral arrangement or variety of flowers? Call or visit our flower shops in Westmount and Pointe-Claire. Our floral designers are here to help.

Candle Light RosesCandle Light Roses
Candle Light Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00
Pink Mondial RosesPink Mondial Roses
Pink Mondial Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00
Mariah Sale price$175.00
Margot Sale price$135.00
Hannah Sale price$175.00
Scarlett Sale price$135.00
Audrey Sale price$150.00