Snapdragon – Antirrhinum

Symbolism: Snapdragons symbolize grace, strength, and sometimes deviousness. They have been historically associated with magic, and their colours represent various meanings:

  • Yellow: smiles, happiness, and overall good luck
  • Red: love, passion, and the gift of positive energy
  • White: purity, grace, innocence, and good magic 
  • Purple: spirituality and magical mysteries

Description: Snapdragons are fragrant flowers with elongated spikes and two lips that open when compressed. They come in various colours and may have a classic appearance with two puffed petals or an azalea-flowered appearance with fringed or ruffled edges.

Children love snapdragons because squeezing the side of the flower makes the jaw open, then snap shut when released. The flowers were originally white or purple, but today come in all sorts of colours and sizes from 6 inches to 4 feet tall.

Named after: The botanical name of the flower is Antirrhinum majus, after the Greek words anti, meaning "like" and rrhinum, meaning "snout." The flower looks like the jaws and snout of a dragon. 

Latin/Scientific name: Antirrhinum majus

Native to: Southern Spain, North Africa, and America

Flowering period: June until October

Vase life: 5 to 16 days

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Snapdragons make excellent vertical line flowers in design work and are ideal for natural garden-type vase arrangements. They add a unique appearance to bouquets and can replace Gladiolas, Delphiniums, or stock in large wedding or funeral arrangements. We often feature them in our spring, and summer arrangements, such as our Ella or Hanna.

When in stock in our shops: Year-round 

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