Picture of veronica officinalis speedwell

Veronica (Speedwell) – Veronica officinalis

Symbolism: Courage, pleasure, positivity, healing, and recovery. Veronica makes it a good flower to offer to someone in need. Its bright and cheery look may raise moods, while its symbolic significance can bring consolation and hope.

Description: Dainty delicate blooms with tall thin wiry stems in shades of blue and purple as well as bright white.

Named after: The name "Veronica" itself is derived from the Latin "vera icon," meaning "true image." The association with St. Veronica and the term "true image" likely influenced the naming of the flower, possibly due to the flower's striking and clear blue color, which was considered a "true" or pure shade.

Latin/Scientific name:  Veronica officinalis

Native to: Europe and Western Asia

Flowering period: Early - Mid Summer

Vase life: 7 to 14 days

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets:  Veronica is fantastic bloom that adds height and texture especially in a wildflower or English cottage inspired bouquets and arrangements.

When in stock in our shops: Thorough out the year, we normally keep it in stock in both our stores.

Looking for an English cottage garden arrangement featuring Veronica?

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