Ranunculus – Persian Buttercup – Ranunculaceae

A great year-round alternative to peonies

Symbolism: The Ranunculus flower symbolizes radiant charm and beauty.

Description: Ranunculus flowers feature multi-layered, paper-thin petals that create a feast for the senses as they unfurl. Their tone-on-tone colours give each bloom a unique look. Resembling mini-peonies, Ranunculus flower sizes range from 2" to 5" across.

Named after: Ranunculus combines the Latin words rana, meaning “frog” and unculus, meaning “little”. The flower commonly grows near streams and bodies of water, hence the nickname “little frog”. Ranunculus is also known as buttercups, Persian buttercups, or Coyote eyes.

Latin/Scientific name: Ranunculaceae

Native to: Crete and Southwestern Asia

Vase life: 10 days or longer

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Ranunculus are a fabulous addition to any bouquet or arrangement, and make a great go-to when peonies are out of season. Their wide range of colours makes them versatile for various styles, from classy and elegant to bright, cheery, or pretty and pastel. They add pops of colour and sensational texture to any decorating project.

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