Primrose – English Primrose – P. vulgaris

Symbolism: Primroses are often associated with youth, renewal, optimism, and young love.

Description: Primroses are herbaceous perennials that grow 3 to 6 inches tall. Their slightly wrinkly, toothed foliage has hairy undersides and forms a rosette. In spring, creamy yellow flowers bloom in clusters atop an upright stem, with five notched petals surrounding a darker yellow center. Less commonly, blooms may be white or pink. Their blossoms have a fresh, sweet, slightly tangy fragrance reminiscent of candy, like an orange popsicle or lollipop.

Named after: The scientific name Primula is a diminutive of the Latin primus, meaning "prime", because this flower is among the first to bloom in the spring. 

Latin/Scientific name: P. vulgaris

Native to: Europe

Flowering period: Late winter to early summer

Vase life: N/A

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Primroses are too small to be used in arrangements or bouquets, but they are sold as potted flowering plants.

When in stock in our shops: We carry potted primrose from late winter until early summer as part of our Spring collection.

Potted plant care


  • Indoor primroses prefer bright window sills without direct sunlight, while outdoor plants thrive in shady or spotted areas.


  • Use a loose, well-drained, humus-rich potting mix for indoor plants. Outdoors, opt for slightly acidic, well-draining soil.


  • Maintain consistent moisture without overwatering. Avoid soggy soil and adjust watering based on signs of wilting.

Temperature & Humidity

  • Primroses prefer moderate to cool temperatures (50-65°F) and high humidity, achievable with a humidifier or pebble-filled saucer.


  • Apply weak liquid fertilizer at flowering onset or use controlled-release fertilizer.

Transitioning Indoors to Outdoors

  • Gradually acclimate primroses to outdoor conditions by placing them outside during daytime for a week. Plant 6 inches apart in clusters at soil level, avoiding crown burial. Provide 1 inch of water weekly and mulch with leafy compost. 

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