Lisianthus – Prairie Gentian – Eustoma grandiflorum

Symbolism: Lisianthus flowers represent elegance, grace, and timelessness.

Description: Lisianthus, also called the Prairie Gentian, boasts large funnel-shaped blooms that grow on long, straight stems. Their delicate petals come in various colours and shades, such as pure white, soft pink, deep purples, and even bi-coloured petals. The petals are wide and ruffled, while the sepals are significantly smaller.

Named after: The name Lisianthus comes from the Greek word lysis, meaning “dissolution”, and anthos, meaning “flower”. So Lisianthus in Greek means “dissolving flowers”.

Latin/Scientific name: Eustoma grandiflorum

Native to: The warm regions of the southern United States, Mexico, Caribbean, and northern South America.

Flowering period: From July to frost when deadheaded.

Vase life: 10 days to 2 weeks with proper care. A flower preservative or a sugar-water solution will further extend the vase's life. 

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: These beautiful blossoms are suitable for mixed arrangements and are excellent for corsage work.

When in stock in our shops: Year-round. Lisianthus is our long-lasting go-to flower and is featured in our arrangements like our Clea or Maeve, and our Winston or Summerhill bouquets. 

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