Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley – Convallaria majalis

Symbolism: Lily of the valley flowers symbolize humility, purity, and the return of happiness.

Description: These dainty, delicate flowers feature nodding white bell-shaped blooms that grow in clusters on one side of a leafless stalk. The plant has glossy leaves, typically two, situated at the base. The fruit of the plant is a red berry.

 Named after: The flower is named after its Latin name, Convallaria majalis (convallis meaning “'valley” and majalis, “the month of May”') Being a member of the lily family, the flower was given the common name “lily of the valley”.

Latin/Scientific name: Convallaria majalis

Native to: Eurasia and eastern North America

Flowering period: The highly scented, white bell-shaped flowers bloom for just three weeks in May.

Vase life: 2 to 6 days with proper care and handling 

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Lily of the Valley is a traditional choice for bridal bouquets and, due to their small size, they are also ideal for boutonnieres and small arrangements.

When in stock in our shops: Rare - only one week during the year in spring and upon request. 

Love the scent of lilies of the valley?

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