Gladioli – Gladiolus

Symbolism: The Gladiolus flower symbolizes natural grace. It is said that receiving this flower means that you have been "pierced with love."  

Description: Gladiolus are simple, long-stemmed, showy, flowers. Due to their long, thick stems, they are also referred to as the "sword lily."

Named after: The term gladiolus stems from the diminutive form of gladius, meaning “sword” in Latin. Translated literally, a gladiolus is a little sword. Gladioli have also been called “xiphium”, which comes from the Greek word, xiphios, also meaning “sword”. Old legends suggest that the Gladiolus originated from the swords of fallen Roman gladiators.

Latin/Scientific name: Gladiolus

Native to: Sub-Saharan Africa. The flower was brought to Europe in large quantities in the 17th century.

Flowering period: From July until frost, albeit not continuously

Vase life: 7 to 14 days

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Gladiolus flowers are often used in funeral pieces or as a tall element in various arrangements.

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