Symbolism: Dahlias symbolize elegance, inner strength, change, creativity, and dignity.

Birth Month: August

Description: Dahlias are gorgeous late-season flowers displaying a wide range of hues, excluding blue. They have a composite flower head with surrounding ray florets, with each floret being a flower in its own right, often incorrectly described as a petal. The flower forms are variable, with one head per leafy stem.

Named after: Referred to as cocoxochitl by the Aztecs, Dahlias owe their current name to Swedish botanist, Andreas Dahl, who brought the first seeds to Europe in 1789. 

Latin/Scientific name: Dahlia

Native to: Mexico, Central America, and Colombia

 Flowering period: Midsummer through fall

Vase life: 7 to 10 days

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: Dahlias are often the highlight of large arrangements, paired with smaller neutral flowers like white roses or ranunculus. Ball dahlias provide a unique texture, which can be emphasized with spiky leaves or fluffy reeds.

When in stock in our shops: In late summer and fall. 

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