Daisy – Bellis perennis

Symbolism: Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and simplicity. Botticelli used the daisy in his paintings to symbolize the innocence of the Baby Jesus.

Description: Daisies are abundant, cute, wild-looking, and approachable flowers. Each flower features a rosette of small, thin white petals surrounding a bright yellow center, supported by a single stem growing from a group of dark green rounded leaves. Interestingly, the daisy is made up of two flowers: the disk florets (the yellow center) and the petal florets (the long delicate and sometimes colourful petals around it).

Named after: The name "Daisy" is derived from the Old English daegeseage, meaning "the day's eye” – so called because of the pupil-like yellow center of this round white flower, and from the habit of daisies to shut their petals when the sun is gone

Latin/Scientific name: Bellis perennis

Native to: Northern Africa, Western Asia, and Europe

Flowering period: With regular watering and fertilizing, annual varieties will bloom from spring to fall. Perennial varieties typically bloom from spring to summer.

Vase life: 7 to 10 days

Popular use in floral arrangements or bouquets: We offer Daisies only as a cash and carry option at our stores.

When in stock in our shops: Nearly year-round 

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