Valentine's day flowers

Love is in the air. Elevate your Valentine’s day.


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Palm BeachCloseup of white phalaenopsis orchid flowers on white background.
Palm Beach Sale price$425.00
Houston Sale price$85.00
Double stemmed white phalaenopsis orchid plant in plain white ceramic pot on white background.Slightly blurry image of white phalaenopsis orchid flowers on white background.
Boca Sale price$135.00
OrlandoCloseup of white phalaenopsis orchid, with yellow center, on white background.
Orlando Sale price$110.00

Love can be expressed in endless ways.

Having flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day will make sure that special someone knows exactly how you feel. 

Valentine’s day is our busiest day at Westmount Florist. Roses roses and more roses are filing in and out of both our Montreal and Pointe-Claire stores. For your convenience, and with the help of extra drivers, we are able to make hundreds of deliveries all across Montreal and its outskirts. Red roses, of course, are our number one seller – either classically designed in a glass vase for an elegant gift or wrapped in cellophane with greens, simple and beautiful.

AustinCloseup of white phalaenopsis orchid flower with white background.
Austin Sale price$250.00
White phalaenopsis orchid plant with two flowering stems in clay pot on white background.Closeup of hand coming from right side touching white phalaenopsis flower on white background.
Los Angeles Sale price$110.00
Twenty-four pink Esperance roses arranged in simple glass vase on white background.Closeup of open blush pink Esperance roses.
24 Esperance Roses Arranged Sale price$250.00
12 Esperance Roses Arranged12 Esperance Roses Arranged
12 Esperance Roses Arranged Sale price$165.00
12 Esperance Roses12 Esperance Roses
12 Esperance Roses Sale price$90.00

Weeks before February 14th rolls around, our buyers have already ordered and reserved thousands upon thousands of roses.

Although red roses are traditionally the favoured shade, we have every other colour you can possibly imagine as well. Various shades of pinks, purples, oranges, whites, yellows and greens are all quickly becoming popular ways to say "I love you" to that special someone. Let our award winning design team create a stunning flower arrangement to help you tell that special someone how much you care.

24 Esperance Roses24 Esperance Roses
24 Esperance Roses Sale price$180.00
Bouquet of twelve pale pink Mondial roses with greenery on white background.Closeup of pale pink Mondial roses.
Pink Mondial Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00
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Princess Crown RosesPrincess Crown Roses
Princess Crown Roses Sale priceFrom $90.00
Old Orchard (Orange Tulips)Old Orchard (Orange Tulips)
Old Orchard (Orange Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
Monkland (Pink Tulips)Monkland (Pink Tulips)
Monkland (Pink Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00
Rebecca (Arranged Red Tulips)Rebecca (Arranged Red Tulips)
Redfern (Red Tulips)Redfern (Red Tulips)
Redfern (Red Tulips) Sale priceFrom $65.00